What makes us different

We believe that understanding climate change is critical to all our futures. However, any quantative understanding of climate change needs data and although generally free it is not accessible let alone visible or understandable.

We created Climate Data Service with a mission to ** "Accelerate the world’s understanding of climate change through on-demand data" **.

We believe that only on-demand access to climate data allows decision makers to refine and iterate their questions in search of the information that is of most value to them. When dealing with large and complex data, few of us ask the right question first time. We need time to refine our question as we explore the data finding important new questions along the way.

Doing this for climate data required us to go back to the drawing board as there were no solutions that could provide the flexibility, speed and cost efficiency required. Our people bring experience from some of the world's leading software, meterology and media organisations on the planet. Using this experience we architected our cloud native solution to give our customers the most flexibility and performance and the best price.

It has taken us over two years to develop the right storage and processing engine. It is extensible, allowing us to easily add more world class data, more processing functions and more output formats rapidly. We are not just obsessed with capability but also efficiency, almost all queries against our engine accessing multi-terabyte data stores decompress, interpolate, aggregate, process and reformat data for you in much less memory than a smart watch.

This is the kind innovation we hope will accelerate the world's understanding of climate change.

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