UK Met Office Global

UK Met Office Hadley Centre (2019): UKCP Global Projections at 60km Resolution for 1900-2100.

Attribute Value
Spatial coverage Global coverage
Scenarios RCP2.6 (very stringent) and RCP8.5 (high emissions)
Models 01 - 15
Temporal coverage 1900-2100 (contiguous)
Resolution approximately 60km
Parameters Cloud cover (%), Precipitation (mm/day), Radiation, net long wave (W/m2), Radiation, net short wave (W/m2), Relative humidity (%), Sea level pressure (hPa), Specific humidity (%), Temperature (°), Maximum temperature (°C), Minimum temperature (°C), Wind speed eastwards (m/s), Wind speed northwards (m/s), Surface wind (m/s)
Size ~ 15TB
License UK Open Govenment license - link
More information Met Office UKCP Global (60km) Projections

Note, the data is freely available in bulk from the CEDA Archive.


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