Climate data is information from models or observations (or both) that records long term weather trends. Climate change is evidenced not by single weather events but rather the average of variables like temperature and precipitation and the change in frequency of extremes. Climate data provides a quantative measure of climate change over time for different locations and different parameters.

Understanding the climate is critical to our future and yet the data is hard to find, hard to access and hard to work with. The data is big, datasets are often multiple terabytes and are slow to download and don't even fit on normal desktops or laptops. The data is also in unusual formats including NetCDF and GRIB. The data itself is inherrently complex with multiple dimensions and parameters. Data can be probabalistic and is often variable in coverage and completeness (some data have discontinuous timelines). Data rarely shares the same spatial projection, resolution and timescales. Finally, datasets have differing skills and quality.

What we offer

Climate Data Service offers risk data, risk modelling, tools and consultancy to support physical climate risk analysis. We have a unique set of APIs allowing us to rapidly model and visualise a wide range of physical climate risks together with the underlying climate data.

Risk data

Data Quantitative analysis data of physical climate risk delivering actionable insights. * Probability of the occurrence of simple and complex climate risks backed by multiple climate models from world leading institutions. * Calculated cost of impact. * Underlying climate data behind the risk data.

Risk modelling

Modelling Flexible and iterative models matching model sophistication with available customer and climate data to deliver meaningful results. * Tailored probability models from basic to advanced incorporating historical climate analysis, trends and AI. * Model impact tracking the cost of impacts across time. * Bespoke models to meet specific needs.


Tools Simple but powerful tools to get the most from climate and physical climate risk data.


Consultancy Analyse the probabilistic physical impact of climate change, deriving quantitative risks and actionable insights.

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